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About Us

GeeksFound is an amalgamation of groupmedadvice of geeks with ambition to elevate как найти работу в москве education standards in India. We are from IITs and IIITs and we are
successful in our own ways. We are here with an intention работа to spread the knowledge and improve the living standards of current generation. What if you
already know what you will be working on find-bride comments before you enter any IT industry? We are with a vision to put students in a race with IT industry even before
they enter it. We are here to make you prepare for the live работа мск software industry environment. we are connected with industry level technical expertise .who are
working in respective trending technologies and their experience can be an enlightenment in everyone’s life.
We no longer need a 9-5 job platform to earn our living. You read it right and some of us living the same way. We are more than happy to share our
experiences with live figures that might pave a way for few of you. The best part is you don’t need any coding / scripting to generate your own money
generating platform.

We are here to provide:

  • Career Guidance
  • Online Training
  • Mock Interviews
  • find-bride comments

  • Digital Marketing
  • Latest News and Android Apps Apk files.
  • Other tech news and How to Guides, Many more about latest Technology.

GeeksFound Team.

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